February 15, 2005


For fifteen whole minutes, I was alone in a house with cable TV yesterday! Can you beat that! I’ll answer that for you! No you can’t! The remote control was in my hand! My fingers were curled around that rectangular source of all worldly power! The buttons were crying out to be pressed! The TV could accommodate as many channels as the satellite could air! I could actually see fifty different kinds of things happening! One channel was actually showing a clip from the “Rang De Basanti” mahurat! Aamir Khan and Atul Kulkarni! One channel was promising to show “Amelie” later at night! I saw “Friends” last night! The exclamation mark key is threatening to jump out of my keyboard!

Two sparrows and a pigeon today! Tara Rum Pum Pum! Happy Wednesday all!

(Note to myself: No more coffee in the morning for you Missy)

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