July 31, 2005

PJ Rani

The following gibberish is the product of a rapidly deteriorating mind, which inhabits the top floor of Inky Tower.

Q. What was the world's first advertisement?
A. "An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Issued in public interest by Seyton tailors and drapers"

Q. Who is the patron saint of software professionals?
A. Version Mary.

Ok. Kill me.


Joker said...

hmmmm i think we ouught to take an appointment with someone before its too late*GRIN*
but i liked it tho:)

Sonia said...


Anonymous said...

You sure the fever's gone, like completely??? :P

-- Heretic

Anonymous said...

Version Mary was a very creative answer.

KILL~arification said...

What does the Rani of "I.T." wear to bed?

JW said...