July 18, 2005

Ups and Downs

was too busy looking down all this while and never realized that there is an up and when I finally did look up there WAS an up and now I am caught between the joy of knowing that the up is looking down at me with kindness and the shock of knowing that I am not as high up as I thought I was


First Rain said...

When the up is down there,
And the down is up where?
That's the time to move up,
Lest the down catches you unaware!

Here's to staying up. Cheers!

Joker said...

>:D< stay happy and cheerful all the time.
Chin up and always move on, i have always told you:)
trying to do it now myself

Squared said...

Let me know how it is up there. And remember, perhaps you may find another down-up once you climb this hill. Thats how the journey goes - at least mine.

Anonymous said...

Start climbing Inks -


Heretic said...

Free to Fly,
Given to Spin.

Go for it!

Handful Of Hell said...

Now I am inquisitive :| Can you expound?

Kahini said...

Nice looking up, nah?

Anonymous said...

What's up!?
-- PJ King