July 29, 2005

Stand Up And Be Counted!

Say NO to paperwork.


Joker said...

over loaded with it? :)

Anonymous said...


I love the feel of paper, the smell of paper, the look of papers,the ruffle-shuffle of papers and desire to be lost in papers..

Bring 'em On

Anonymous said...

Zat is why we didn't offer our resignation yet! :))

-- Heretic

JW said...

Paper "YES"
Work "NO"

Anonymous said...


Heretic -- wonder if u collected the appointment letter yet..

Paper Yes, Work No! Liked that @jw

Really whats Sunday morning without newsPaper-n-coffee, afternoon daydreaming about $$$$$ (yeah love hard paper-currency against plastic) and evening curling up on sofa with chardonnay-n-thriller novel?