January 27, 2005


Dear World,

I apologise for misunderstanding what you were saying all these years, because of ignorance on my part. Somehow, I got the notion that the word “wedding” refers to the ceremony in which a couple ties the knot, and marriage refers to the life sentence thereafter. Therefore, when you told me the following things, I understood the things directly below the following things:

I went for my cousin’s marriage.
You went to live with the couple till they divorced or one of them died

My sister’s marriage is in Coimbatore.
Outside of city limits, she is a single woman who does not have to pick up other people’s wet towels off the floor.

My marriage is on the fifteenth.
For one day only? What a bother!

Making marriage arrangements is such a hassle.
You are making arrangements for possibly the rest of your life?

Dictionary.com lit a candle in my dark head today. I will now go for my friend’s marriage, which is in Delhi. On the fourth. I am sure he has made all the arrangements.


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