January 11, 2005

A Humbrum Hasmi

The lady who sits next to me at work is incessantly listening to Kisna, so I am forced to write this entry.

Sukhwinder is proclaiming that all gods are within him, and therefore he does not need to go to a temple. The tsunami of decibels culminates in a 50-meter high wave that says:

Aham Bramhasmi

Good enough for anyone who does not see the problem. Torture for those who do.

Brahm = the God’s name
Asmi = (I) am
Brahm+Asmi = Brahmasmi
not brAMHAsmi
definitely not brum haasmi

But Mr Darbar, Mr Ghai, Mr Singh… nobody seems to care!

If I remember correctly, Javed Akhtar was advising some Indian-Idles on TV to get their pronunciation correct before they attempt to sing/act/whatever it was they were doing. Surely HE must have noticed!

Why bother to chant Sanskrit when you cannot pronounce it right? And it’s not one of those unpronounceable words that you can pardon because nobody can pronounce them anyways. It’s sheer negligence.

And the Shiv Sena will never attack the Mukta Arts office for this perversion of the Lord’s name. They will run after some poor guy who showed an image of Brahma on a poster outside a pub.

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