January 27, 2005


Fifteen seconds into “Page 3”, I was regretting having come for the movie. An event manager was chirpily explaining to an NRI what Page 3 meant. As if India invented the concept, some months after Ayurveda, and a couple of days before the Zero.

Two and a half hours later, I felt like giving Madhur Bhandarkar a standing ovation for his effort.
It’s brilliant how the glitz, glamour, and nausea of the P3 world has been depicted and dissected so effortlessly. No comments on the story or individual characters, because all that should be experienced first hand ASAP by anyone who hasn’t seen the movie.

“And above all, Atul Kulkarni” the posters had screamed. With good reason! Totally in love with the guy, with no plans of recovering.

Bhandarkar has assembled a fine cast, and I wonder how most of those people felt while performing the roles of emotionally warped socialites, since that is how they are perceived in real life anyways. How would it feel to be just one aspect of yourself?

Konkona Sen is perfect for her role. I am glad she did not get anything more to do, because that would be sacrificing integrity of character to the actor’s histrionic ability.

However, I hate her for wearing “my watch” (lost on the road after three years of service, wondering if she picked it up!) and reminding me of it. Farewell 2500 bucks, you are about to be donated to the Titan Watch company soon.

Most memorable line from the movie: “Imaandaari ke saath samajhdaari bhi zaroori hai”

Until next time: “Watch it!”
(Due apologies to Manu :p)

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