January 22, 2005

Sorry for the Interruption

I eavesdropped on a discussion about Madame Bovary a couple of days ago.

Woman 1: “It is the story of a woman who wants too much out of life. It is a lesson in the dangers of vanity.”

Woman 2: “She can’t have enough of men! What lust! I’m glad Ketan Mehta made her go up in smoke and called her Maya”

Nosey-parker ole me had to butt in: “It’s about a woman who has a romantic notion of love that one man cannot fulfil. She finds bits and pieces of her ideal in her many lovers. The fabric of society cannot sustain the stretch of her imagination. Her story is the story of all dreamers, it is the tragedy of the dreamer in all of us.”

Woman 1 and 2: “Aren’t you going for lunch?”

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