October 23, 2005

Breaking News

So my friend finally started blogging and four entires down it looks like she was born to blog. Also, she saves me all the trouble of trying to muster up vocabulary and imagery to describe where I’m living. Expect a lot of links to her posts.
And oh yes. My life is ruined. My Amma commented on my blog (don’t go looking, I deleted it). Now I’m right below Nokia 3315 on the coolness index.


Rash said...

It takes all ye yengsters to update me on cool things. i still own a 3315. and i thought the amma's comment was very very sweet.

Anonymous said...

i have a 3310.. it's a wee bit cooler than 3315

harneet said...

i concur with yer' view on the said friend's blogging skills. and thanks to her, i am here. your blog's an easy read. laarvly template too. such niceness.