October 28, 2005


After two years of matrimonial ads, horoscopes, meetings and whatnots, a suitable boy was found for my cousin earlier this month. The engagement ceremony happened a couple of weeks back, and all seemed well. However, it turns out that the groom’s family is quite unhappy with the arrangements made for the engagement ceremony, and want to have a much fancier wedding ceremony than was originally planned. My aunt and uncle had done their best at the engagement, and are now faced with the prospect of running up a huger bill than they ever anticipated.
I’m tempted to lash out against Punjabis for their ostentation, but I’ve come to realise that this happens in many parts of the country now. And it happens not only with arranged matches.
Is it worth getting your daughter married into such a family? Apparently it is important, because I am almost certain my aunt will yield and arrange a spectacular wedding as is expected of her. Because the boy’s family is supreme. Because my cousin is past the age where marriage proposals come everyday. Because after the engagement, calling the wedding off would lead to public humiliation. Because the happiness of knowing that you’ve toed all the lines society has drawn comes at a (very expensive) price.


wendigo said...

poppy shame infact.
incensedly yours...

greensatya said...


Am new to your blog, commenting for the first time.

This whole 'Indian marriage concept' - dowry,expensive weddings should be termed as 'National Shame'. This alone is responsible for several other sore points of Indian society.

Nice blog btw

Ph said...


Kahini said...

Is it SO important to be married that they'll hitch up with a family of shits?

I wonder why people are so frightened of what people who don't matter will say.

Joker said...

well marriages are my business so i will not comment too much.. but sometimes some priceless idiots come along and we pander to their egos and whims... like the idiot who wanted horses and camels at his sons wedding - in cochin? and had a whole array of artistes welcoming the guests.. reminded me of a tourism fete... well the good thing is we charged him like crazy*GRIN*

Rash said...

'Because my cousin is past the age where marriage proposals come everyday'
...surely she's not past the age when she can voice her disapproval, if she disapproves that is. or am i being too harsh?