October 03, 2005


7:00am: Inky shakes off the duvet and climbs out of bed. Her eyes are red. This happens everyday. Inky suspects she gets drunk in her sleep.

10:00am: Inky goes to the library, which looks like it’s from “The City of Angels”, but shakes like it’s from “Jurassic Park”. Inky vows never to go there again if she can help it. She can’t, by the way.

11:00am: Interview with tutor. Inky tells tutor that she has an uncomfortable relationship with word limits. She cannot write enough to reach the word limit. Tutor says she will whip Inky’s lazy ass. Only she says it more lady-like. Inky is in trouble.

1:30pm: Inky splurges on a scholastic planner that will hold a million little notes and detail, and shock the world with its pinkness. Inky is penny wise and pound foolish. But Inky kind of loves the diary.

2:00pm: Inky attends her first lecture. A 50-minute apology by a hassled little boy explaining why he knows nothing about the course he is teaching. Inky dozes off, but not before making a note in her little pink diary to get a pillow in the next class.

3:00pm: Inky attends a lecture by a female version of Dumbledore. Dumbledora is bitching about Aryan boys, when one walks into the room to borrow a chair. Seventy feminists angrily stare him out of existence for disturbing their class. He will never sit on a chair again.

5:00pm: Inky goes for the welcome party, and eats papad and drinks orange juice, both of which she hates. She escapes and walks along the Thames under the newly-dark sky, both of which she loves. Inky will suffer parties only when they come with a death-threat attached.

7:30pm: Inky is turning into a bluddy phirang having “supper” at 7:30. But not really, because she adds copious amounts of ketchup and pepper to her stir fried vegetables and noodles, to make chowmien.

8:30 pm: Inky realizes she has run out of a supply of certain garments that will not be seen but will be needed the next day. So Inky bundles four kilos of stinky clothes and marches down to do laundry while the world dresses up as hookers and pimps to go for parties. Maybe not hookers and pimps, but definitely not anything Inky can relate to from the world as she has known it.

9:00 pm: Inky posts her online diary as Ariel washing powder does good things to her clothes.


shub said...

hehe....the 8.30 pm realisation occurs at 11.30 here:D

First Rain said...

Attagirl Inky! :D

Anonymous said...

At 9:30 the hip flask comes out from under the pillow and Inky becomes Pinky (gin)

david raphael israel said...

Inky writes in the 3rd person on Mondays & Saturdays.
Or perhaps more often. (I'm an Inky newbie.)
Inky amuses.

The sentence "Inky is not amused" also amuses.
Albeit the locution isn't Inky's. At present.

cheers, d.i.

karrvakarela said...

New to Inky Stop Will come back later when I have stopped laughing Stop Best Stop

(Stop sounds funny when you say it so much. Stop)

neha vish said...

The Thames has an incredible way of staring back at you with watery eyes. I don't know if you caught the Thames Festival (that was just abt 2-3 weeks back), and it sprung from the woodworks with all the eccentricity this city could patch into narrow lanes.

Hope the clothes smell of familiar Ariel.

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

shoefiend welcomes inky to london!