October 11, 2005


No. of days in London: 21
No. of miles walked: Many, Many
No. of local bus rides: 0
No. of tube rides: 4
No. of kilograms of weight lost: 0.5
No. of rounds of laundry: 2
No. of Shakespeare plays seen: 2
No. of concerts attended: 1
No. of bookshops visited: 7
No. of books bought: 1
No. of sponsored meals: 2
No. of parties: 0
No of books issued from the library: 5
No. of books read properly: 0.1
No. of visits to Millennium Bridge at night: 12
No. of good female pals: 2
No. of years since this was last observed: 5
No. of times Delhi was missed: 0


Kahini said...


Joker said...

>:D< have a great time.

Sonia said...

good! :o)

Deepak said...

extremely pleased about the last stat :)

neha vish said...

Though you seem like the masterful literary sort - I will still recommend this book to you. (At the risk of being told that you read it at age 8) :)

Ignorance by Milan Kundera. Please read. Especially for its delightful treatment of the word and concept of Nostalgia.

Patel rap said...

Inky Stats ma gayo.