September 10, 2005


I’m seeing teasers of movies and programs that will be telecast on TV after I’m gone. It feels strange.

A whole lot of things are happening for the last time before I go. It’s a death of sorts.

I’m dreaming the strangest of dreams every afternoon. Through them, I am realizing who are the people and what are the things that matter to me the most. I’ve become addicted to my afternoon nap because in this strange way, it gives me clarity.

Every time I have fled home in the past, it felt like a temporary break. This time I have a premonition that nothing is ever going to be the same again.

And yes: I have lost all my friends and loved ones to that stupid game I wrote about. Why did I have to post that link?


Miss Sea said...

"I have lost all my friends and loved ones to that stupid game I wrote about."

Does that mean that those who haven't taken up the game are not ur friends and loved ones?

Btw, I seriously thing u will be back even before we start missing u and things will return to just as they are very soon. So chill chill...just chill :p

Anonymous said...

u know what?? i feel the same abt u...u'll do just great there. i know it...and yes nothing will be the same a VERY positive way!! touchwood!

all the besties girl!!


Jasmine said...

You've been tagged.

Kahini said...


Been there, done that. It'll be okay. In fact, it'll be more than okay. You'll have a blast.