September 26, 2005


  • I live next to Shakespeare’s Globe and yesterday I saw “The Winter’s Tale” in true groundling fashion, with my elbows propped on the stage. I can now die a happy person.

  • I can spend the rest of my life walking by the Thames (and even if I do that, I will not lose one gram of weight, thanks to the cheese and potato pie I had for dinner tonight.)

  • That text in parentheses reminds me that it is very easy to lose pounds in the UK. I’ve been losing about £15 every day since I came here.

  • There are people playing bagpipes on the road, people juggling while perched on a unicycle, people sketching the London Bridge, and people taking pictures of the Thames with their cameras perched on dustbins. All these people exist on the twenty-minute walk to college.

  • There is a notice I saw on the fire exit of a building today. It said: “This door is alarmed.” I wonder why. The city as a whole is pretty unruffled.

  • I’ve still not learnt how to be social and make friends. Now I am an international failure. :-)

  • I am ancient, a “feminist”, a non-party person, and am not looking for a boyfriend. That is not really an exciting profile, so I can expect to be reading by the Thames even at the end of the term.

  • The woman in the room next to mine is listening to a Kumar Sanu song. Do I really WANT to make friends here?

  • I’d rather be walking along the Thames than blogging right now.

In other news, the “knock-knock” kid did knock, and so I have someone to bug if I am willing to suspend my disgust. And oh, a big hug to the character who thinks that knocking someone means killing them off. Blessed are the Innocent, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. Yours forever, Inky.


Anonymous said...

sigh sigh

shub said...

a walk along the thames aint such a bad option it seems! and meet hugh grant yet?! :D

First Rain said...

Aha.. images from a new world. :)

Kahini said...

I KNEW you'd love it, I KNEW you'd love it... Admit it, Inky, I know know you better than you think.

Heretic said...

Please get introduced to that nice gal next door; she sounds like just my type. Hope she likes Bappi Da and Anu Malik too. :-)

On the other hand, what a shame! Being in one of the friendliest cities in the world, and not making any friends. Stop and speak with the oldies walking along the Thames, and you might just make a lasting friendship with a couple missing their children. BTW, am pretty J. Just hope I can visit you soon, en route to the land of Joyce.

aparna said...

You seem to be having a good time. One suggestion, post heavy meals, weigh your purse rather than's funny we want a light self and heavy purse but often it ends up being the opposite..such is life :-)

Stone said...

omg!!! Beware of ur neighbour!!!!

Rash said...

oh lovely. you lucky girl. you love that plqce don't you? spotted the olde curiosity shoppe arnd your college?

cactusjump said...

been on walks in that area meself - sigh... wish i was there again!

david raphael israel said...

enjoyed your post-its --
it occurs to me there may be a general cultural shortage of the sardonic, while you're apparently getting the stuff 100 proof. What's up about that?
[came here via a link from what is evidently
Dinesh Iyer's poetry page)-- ]
cheers, d.i.

Manjusha said...

The door is alarmed & the window is fainting in total shock. Mustn't worry our doors & windows like that, young lady.