September 27, 2005

Ram Ram!

God could not be everywhere, so he made chocolate mousse.
The Devil HAD to be everywhere, so there was pork gelatin in the mousse.
Five packs of the stuff now have to be given as a gift to the knock knock kid.
Hope the sixth one does not come out in reverse gear tonight.


shub said...

umm inky, one tip: don't read the contents label!!! gelatin, ALWAYS contains animal product dear!!!
If u want to google it up, but I suggest you better not!
a lil hard to digest, given the fact taht I'm a hard core veggie too...but heck, I can't eat ice-cream either if I let this come in the way!!
So, jsut don't read too much of those labels i tell ya! :)

Rash said...

now that's what gives it the taste!

hee hee

the devil ;)

Deepak said...

I learned that the vegetarian soup-of-the-day I had so happily consumed, contained "beef extracts" which give it its viscous consistency. I wish this world were a little more sensitive to vegetarians. I wonder what vegans (not bo be confused with vogons) go through!

ravi said...

After "Post-It" looks like Bard_seeks_mousse?

Pradyot said...

whatever... I am loving it! (and thus eating it)

Anonymous said...

I know why she gave the whole lot away. It reminded her of Mangle Pandey ... Right Inky??

DiTtY said...

so, did the Indian on-scholarship guy "knock you"? :)))