September 04, 2005


I realized today that I live in a skewed world where everyone is young. There are no babies who need to be managed, no children who need to be straitjacketed, no middle aged people to be consulted, and no elderly people to be respected. Of course my parents are around, but Dad calls Mom “Murder” and she answers “Yo man!” so I categorize them as pals, not parents.

One of my teachers from school (she is Mom’s friend) came over for lunch today. I got into an argument with her. It ended quite bitterly, with her being very disturbed about the way I talked. I refuse to believe that my point was not valid, but perhaps the way I talked to her was not appropriate. She told me in no uncertain terms that she lost all respect for me today.

I realized with a shock that I have been shooting my mouth off indiscriminately for years now, because I am surrounded by people with whom I can get away with anything. Somewhere down the line, someone must have tried to teach me manners and etiquette, but they failed miserably. Most young people dismiss my blasé behavior as an attitude issue, and those who don’t tolerate it slip out of my circle of acquaintances. So I’ve got this complacent feeling that all I’m saying is right.

This was a wake-up call. I do not wish to earn the respect of this lady back. But I need to rein in that vicious tongue of mine, before I cause serious damage.

I’ve always maintained that people who say “it’s not what you said, it’s the way you said it” are just making their last feeble jab after losing an argument. Apparently it is not so.

Mend thy ways Inky, mend thy ways now.


Miss Sea said...

It was amazing how u kept ur cool in front of the mad raving woman. I would have either burst out crying in front of her or told her rudely that i get the point and am sorry and then walked out. I guess there is a reason after all y u r the elder sis ;) :D *hugs* (bad Anna influence)

Ink Spill said...

Sis, honey, if you think I kept my cool, you need tofind a role model FAST. I am causing you permanent psychological damage! :p

Enuff now. Or anonymous commenters will call us a bluddy Hum Aapke Hain Kaun family :p

Joker said...

bad influence!? hUMPH!
*HUGS* to you inky!

Pradyot said...

*surprised look* Inky and TT are sis, as in real sisters?? I read both blogs, before TT stopped, without the knowledge of this fact! SAying, "I am surprised", would be an understatement.
Anyways, I think you should have a little bit of rudeness/attitude, other wise people take you for granted. Ego is a virtue you should nurture other wise you are not valued. Hindi mein bole to, bhaw khana padta hai kabhi kabhi. And there is no wrong way to say a right thing or other way round (wrong thing, right way). Call me a spoiled brat for being what I am but these are my frank believes... I didn't change them in last 20 years and don't have any plans in near future either.

Kahini said...

Just squash that critter like a cockroach. Better yet, spray pesticide from a distance.

Pleomorphous said...

The sooner you realise, the better I suppose. But a sharp tongue always comes in handy. Something I realised recently.

Sonia said...

good for you!

Saltwater Blues said...

but tell us na, what the arguement was about ... what is this half-half information you're giving us man Inky?