June 04, 2006

Signifying Everything

A latter day player of tragedies: Macbeth and his lady incorporate in one body, I carelessly dangle the dagger before mine eyes. Glamis I am, and Cawdor, but wasn't that decreed before the witches cackled? With one clean wound, I shall be what I am promised, but the face of the trusting sleeper doth too much resemble my father's, and rightly so. Shall I make the multitudinous seas incardine incarnadine because of the drunken crone's prophesy? Or shall I stay and let fate fulfill itself? 'Tis to no avail that I have learnt this day to pay little heed to hags, for whoever wields the dagger, the sleeper is doomed, and witches do not prophesy to the dead.

1 comment:

sudha said...

u mean incarnadine?

isnt the "what if" ever so romantic and useless? (though this appears to be kinda pre and not post analysis)