June 23, 2006

Determined To Give Up Saintliness

Me: So now I'll go make dinner. Boil my three color pasta in one pan, and in the other, stir fry onions and capsicum and carrots and broccoli, add salt and cook, and add pasta sauce, a little cheese, pepper, the pasta, and oregano.
She: Ok.
Me: Ok? OK? Are you not drooling?
She: No. Such food does not make me drool.
Me: What makes you drool? Moong and Masoor Daal?
She: Yes.
Me (to myself): That is the reason I left home.

My mom is not impressed that I am cooking and eating healthy things. So I'm just becoming a drunk punk; let me have some fun at least.

P.S. Healthy food can be tasty. There are some leftovers in the fridge. Once I'm a drunk punk, I'm not gonna need them. Kitchen 4, Third floor. Help yourself.


wendigo said...

need help? constantine could do with some action...

Anonymous said...


i agree completely!

moong masoor dal cooked by an apprentice ISverrrrrrry yummmmmmmmmmmy!

u r welcome to try it when u r back here.

-oldy goldy

Anonymous said...

and u r most welcome to become the apprentice when u come back here

-current apprentice