June 11, 2006

Quite the Exammed Out Moron

Last night when I seen
The prettiest moon that ever was
I wonderful happy been
For no other reason, just because

The sun he shine so bright today
He take that pretty moon away
But I ain't taking no big fright
There will be another moon tonight

Title Courtesy: Wendigo


wendigo said...

in the eggjam days,
a blog i become
vella-ness it grows,
with my gham
cider at 6 pm tomorrow
yummmmmm yum.
postpone all worries till september
when rejultsh come!

(who's a moron now?)

Ink Spill said...

I sent you to school to study and you writing moronic things there! Might as well sit together and have funny noises competition then!

Vijayeta said...

And why did i never chance upon this blog full of madness before?
I feel cheated :(
Totally absolutely wicked :)
Keep rocking!

Rash said...

beer really helps at such times you know...

wendigo said...

whiskey even better. i shwear.. hic