June 17, 2006

London: The School Of Economics

"Nahin yaar, maine usey kal ke liye nahin bulaya hai, uske parents paise nahin dete use. 10 pound to entry hai, kabhi kabhi use 5 pound de dete hain McDonalds ke liye, 20 ki hoon kehti hai saali 17 ki hai, and it is not even like I have banged her yet….koi sense nahin banti yaar itna paisa uspe waste karney mein…"

Overheard by the riverside today.


Anonymous said...


great minds think alike!


wendigo said...

cummon!! really? who?

Ubermensch said...

hey first timer here came via educated unemployed, jus wanted to say nice lil blog uve got here and love this post 's title.

Nemo said...

your exercises in eavesdropping are always educative.

Ameet said...


Maybe you should start an "overheardinlondon.com" site.