November 16, 2005

17:00 GMT - 06:30 GMT

Shaam hotey hi jalaa deti hai palkon pe diye
Raat se poochhe koi kis ke liye? Kis ke liye?
Koi aahat bhi nahin aur koi aata bhi nahin
Raks karti hai shab bhar jo meri tanhayee hai

Raat aati hai chali jaati hai harjaayee hai
Phir mere ghar dabey paon chali aayi hai

Gulzar in Aks


Vinay said...

Isn't it great to see someone in the blogdom citing Gulzar or for that matter any good Hindi poetry? And to have two of his lines permanently as a graphic in the header.. well, that's special. Nice blog. You got one more reader here.

BTW, something's missing in this line - "Phir mere ghar dabey paon chali hai". One of course, it should be "chalii *aaii* hai". But there should be something between 'ghar' and 'dabe' as well. Can you please check? Sorry to be so nitpicky.

Ink Spill said...

Thanks Vinay. Corrections made.