January 20, 2011


I recently traveled to Amsterdam, where much fun was had, although not the kind you’re imagining. However, this post is not about Amsterdam. No Siree, this is about the amazing, amazing place called the Charles De Gaulle Airport (Pronounced Sharlesdegaul, or Chardegol or Chago depending on how much of a hurry you are in, or how French you are, or both) I am neither in a hurry nor French, so I’m gonna call it CDG (Pronounced Seedy Ji).

I’m not in a hurry now, but at Seedy Ji, I had 2 hours to catch my connection to Schiphol (pronounced Skhiple and as Achmed the dead terrorist informs me, is spelt Ess Phlegm Eye ….). So anway, according to the map on the plane, Seedy ji is in France. Ten seconds out of the plane (no aerobridge was provided, since the weather outside was so brrrrrrrrrruddy beautiful how could anyone miss it) you know that either France is a tiny cold India or you have been tricked and taken round and round in the plane for ten hours. Not to sound unpatriotic, but we do seem to mop the floors of our arrivals halls with a random mix of phenyl and pee. If we mop them at all, that is.

Then we climbed up a rickety spiral ladder-staircase and collided with passengers trying to use an aerobridge to get to their Emirates flight. For a couple of minutes, we got all mixed up with folks whose boarding cards were not going to be checked again before their plane took off! How cool is that? Eventually we were shooed back down the stairs in French, and we waited for our turn to use the corridor. Which led us to a hall where hundreds of people waited to board shuttles that would take them to their terminals. “Eff Eff Eff “ (not the swear word, the letter) we shouted and probably broke a few necks and legs as we made our way through the crowd into the shuttle. Thankfully it was so cold that the people we injured did not feel a thing till we were safely out of their reach.

We made it to our gate ten minutes before boarding, and this time was used in trying to find the rest room, and let’s just say we are not sure whether Madame and Monsieur went to the correct sections. Thankfully everyone else was even more lost than us, so we did not encounter anyone in the process of conducting our business.

I’d heard the Amreeka-flyer husband complain about Seedy ji and assumed he was too fancy, but looks like the poor dude was just asking for a clean and organized place as he got off one long flight and on to another, longer one. Seedy ji had their lavatory exhaust next to the cafes when we were taking off for India, so I’m hoping not to have to go there again. I do love their language though. And that pathetic view of the Eiffel tower from the plane is not crossing that goal off my bucket list. What to do? What to do?


colours said...

try again... this time try getting away from Seedyji to Frankfurt and take the German ICE train to Paris.

wendigo said...

next time fly Afriqiyah. the post about Tripoli airport will be even more entertaining :P

Sourabha said...

You grin and bear it like the rest of us. Got in and out of that seedy place only two days ago. After I sworn off Air France ten years ago. Hate it as much.

dipali said...

Dear Inky,
I was reading you since before I started blogging, via NehaVish's blogroll, then her blogroll disappeared and I lost you. Guessing at your URL didn't work:(
I'd last read the posts when you'd been quite ill.
Anyway-I found you once again, to my utter delight, in your recent comment on Neha's blog, so here I am, long lost prodigal reader and (perhaps) erstwhile commenter. You will now be ensconced in my own personal blogroll for safe keeping.
I loved your account of Seedy ji, which reminded me of the looniness of Cairo Airport, which beats our Indian airports hollow in its utter confusion.

Sandra said...

Frankly I don't like Amsterdam and you know why? Because people in there are having to much dangerous fun. Sluts, drinks, drugs. No! This can really ruin a life.