May 05, 2011

Amsterdamned Fools

The early thirties are a defining period in many couples’ lives in India. It’s time to start a family, to buy a home, to get onto the managerial track at work (for one or both partners), and suchlike. It’s too late for the rash decisions of youth, and too early for the follies of a midlife crisis. Although it is the time to enjoy the thrill of definitively coming into adulthood, it is also the time of the birth of fear. The need to hold down that job to pay that EMI, the need to hold on to your senses to be able to be there for your parents on the one hand, and the kids on the other.

And, very rarely, it is the time of sticking your middle finger at the slings, arrows, bouquets and brickbats of outrageous fortune, chucking your secure jobs, hugging your forever-to-be-grandchildless parents, selling/giving away/throwing out all your worldly posessions, packing your life into 23-kilo suitcases, and moving to a new country where only one of you has a job (with the same designation with which he started 11 years ago!)

In four days, we celebrate one month of moving to Amsterdam, for better or for worse (for good? there's no way to know.)

I’ve learnt some disturbing things about myself along the way, and the silence of the last few months has not been due to the absence of things to say, but because I’ve had too much to process.

The husband has been posting in his Zen way on his blog, so you can check out how we’ve been passing our days if you’d like. For the uncensored craziness, watch this space.


Wordsmith said...

yayyyy inky is back!!!

sajith said...

I could have written some of this myself! Except that I'm not in Amsterdam and I'm not married.

dipali said...

I was overjoyed when I found you again, only to have you disappear again! All the best for this new phase and location of your lives.
Pliss to keep posting!

Parmanu said...

This is wonderful news. Amsterdam is a lovely city, and I'm sure you'll find a lot to explore and experience there.

Yes, I look forward to all the craziness, uncensored and uninterrupted.

Abhijit said...

Hey! I've just come back from a Eurotrip and Amsterdam was one of my favourite places! :)

Have a great great time in Amsterdam and this new phase of life!