January 03, 2011

Recipe Of The Day

The right and proper way to fry and consume an egg if you are me:

  1. Stick a slice of bread into a toaster. It’s nice if it’s the mini-oven kind, because it dries up and browns the toast very evenly.
  2. Take a very, very clean non-stick pan and heat it for a couple of minutes on a low flame. Add 2-3 drops of oil.
  3. Break an egg into the pan, taking care not to pierce the yolk with the jagged edge of the eggshell. (This accident has a higher chance of happening when you’re cooking the egg for yourself or for someone you want to impress. See Murphy 179:2)
  4. Now take a clean spatula and resist the temptation to mess with the egg for a minute.
  5. Ok now stop playing with the spatula, switch off that toaster already, and gingerly test the edges of the egg to see if it’s ready to come off. If it isn’t, your gas flame has switched off and your house is about to catch fire, or your pan was dirty and your maid is about to be fired.
  6. Once the egg is happy to let go of the pan, lift it onto the spatula. If you’re like me, your yolk is obviously not right in the centre of the arrangement, so lift the egg such that the yolk rests on the spatula. Now take the naam of Jai Sri Ram and flip the egg.
  7. Not so hard! You’ve broken the yolk! Yellow goo is flowing out from under the pretty egg. Find someone who will appreciate a cooked snack and feed this to them, and make yourself another. This time, turn the egg over gently.
  8. In a minute, begin the spatula prodding again, and convince the egg that the toast is a nice and comfy bed to lie down upon.
  9. Turn egg upside down and sunnier side up onto the toast, this time saving the yolk from your spatula’s incision, and sprinkle salt and pepper.
  10. Now, like a 2-year-old, break the yolk with the spoon and smear the golden awesomeness of it all over the egg.
  11. Enzoi!

Side Effects: This recipe is known to generate a strong craving for Darjeeling tea afterwards. And rusk to dip in it.


Anonymous said...


Ever had fried tomatoes on toast?


Wordsmith said...

My God this is EXACTLY my recipe for fried egg hehe. btw i can see u're playing around with the look of your blog - couldn't see u in pink somehow. :)

Ink Spill said...

@Bunny: Pls leave recipe here!
@Wordsmith: Ooh! And I know you like Darjeeling tea and rusk too! That's why you'll make a perfect MIL for me! Hugs and kisses to mah boyfriend!

Somer said...

Well, I hadn't thought I was hungry until I read this, and now I am! Just how I like my eggs, too. Though I haven't any Darjeeling tea.

sarah-anne said...

I found this blog from another on my list. This was greatlol. I love the part about breaking the yolk...and then feeding that one to someone else. It takes a talented writer to find the humour in cooking an egg!*L*

Luna said...

One of my favourites. This morning I tried something different though, I substituted the toast for hashbrowns.
Hello, by the way.