September 17, 2009

Horror In Real Life

My hands were icky from the auto ride when I reached The Forum to catch up with friends this evening. I went into the ground floor ladies' room of the mall, and it being just shy of 7pm on a weekday, the mall was not crowded, and the ladies room was empty except for a determined cleaning lady who was mopping.

I pushed the soap dispenser's button to get some soap, but no luck. I tried all the other basins, but the soap seemed to have run out. I asked the cleaning lady: "Soap illa?"

I should have known that a paragraph of Kannada would be unleashed upon me. Shame-facedly mumbling "Sorry gotilla", I wondered how much my hands had become ickier because of all the dispensers!

Suddenly the lady said: "She has the soap."

I looked at her, and then looked at who she was looking at. She was staring at the place right next to the first basin, where NOBODY was standing.


"She has it" the lady said again, half-irritated.

There was nobody in the whole area except for us. The only reason I did not crap my pants was because I KNEW there was no soap to clean up with later.

I prepared to leave, and true to the horror tradition, the lady came after me……

….and jabbed the first basin's soap dispenser button hard about a dozen times. Till a few drops of soap began to trickle out.

So ladies, gentlemen and babies, remember that in Bangalore, all accessories in a Ladies' loo are feminine. I wiped my hand on Mademoiselle Paper Tissue delivered into my hands by her mommy Madame Kimberly Clark, and fled.


Kiya said...

haha...omg, this was hilarious :)

Mobi said...

ROFL!!! I just love ur blog.

The Wanderer said...

:)))))))))) LOL !

Chandrama said...

I can actually imagine you in the entire scene...cute post!

Question said...

WTH? I need to talk to Sir Clark for being out of issues/tissues all the time in the Gentlemen's section.

Anonymous said...

Only one day left before your October-2009 entry goes blank. Please post something.

nitin said...

o yaar ! kya baat hai !

fillums ki ishtories kyon nai likhtin aap?

Tinker Belle said...


Anonymous said...

Hey there! I don't know how I landed on your blog, but I am loving your space. Read a few of your posts at random and loved them.

Blogrolling you. Will be back to read more. :)