September 03, 2009

Leh Gayi Leh Gayi

Despite the fervent wishes of many ex-readers, I am still hale and hearty (neither of the two words mean anything, I suspect) and the blog has been neglected because I've been busy travelling to Ladakh for about 9 days, and then I've been fishing out Ravalgaon candy wrappers from 9 days' worth of laundry all of last week. Ah, the sweet and sour joys of altitude and motion sickness (on our return, they've reverted to being attitude and notion sickness).

I could ooh and aah about the Ladakh scenery - the gigantic bare mountains with little veins of snow and ice on their wrinkled foreheads, the blue blue sky with little puffs of clouds, the riot of flowers where vegetation gets a fighting chance – but I'll leave that for the husband and his fotus. Instead, let's talk about the tons and tons of exquisite turquoise, coral and lapis jewellery in Leh bazaar? Or Jasmine tea and veg momos? Ok. I'm packing up and going back there right now!

Time for some evidence:

From the hotel, which I heartily recommend to anyone planning a trip.

Nine nights of waking up gasping for breath, bleeding noses and a hopeless inability to climb more than two flights of steps… matlab Lung Se Jung!

"Yak"een nahin hota that such beautiful places exist on Earth!

The breathtaking Pangong lake. I believe the film 3 Idiots was shot here recently…

We did manage to catch the shooting of the Ladakhi version!

...and this is one of the 274 reasons, my camera tells me, that I will go back!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back.
Awesome commentary.
It's a little harsh on Donkeys though, specially the cute one :-).

Jyoti said...


wendigo said...

next time, i am coming with. bas.

Mayur said...

beautiful place, awesome point of view (no puns intended) :p

The Wanderer said...

Great post...and great photos too...especially of the Pangong Lake.

Mobi said...

Wow.. Nice trip. I will stay at Lung-se-jung anyday.

liked the title.

Rash said...

Why do all ex-Delhiites make the same Yakky jokes? Waise beetey dino ki yaad a gayee. Guest house looks lovely. Ours had a peach tree. I would gape at it in wonder every morning.

chicu said...

leh is breathtaking and all that..but Ravalgaon candy! the brown sweeties in the polka-dot wrappers? I havent had those for ages!NOW I am jealous

shakester said...

cant wait to go.

Mayur said...

I shared the hotel lung-se-jung fable with my friends and one of them came up with this.


Rumana Rawat said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH, it is so beautiful place.. i was telling my hubby to take me to this place in 1 months or 2:)
thanks for sharing