October 02, 2007


I wonder if you've heard of the case
Of the girlie who wanted her space
And those who wouldn’t let her be
Were promptly made to reason-see

Some say she used a hammer, some a mace

Hippo Birdie to Bunny...one of my first readers, and a fellow believer in violence.


Jaisudha said...

waah waah waah!

Anonymous said...

One of your first readers, was she?

Perhaps she should become commissioning editor at some publishing house. She clearly has good taste.


wendigo said...

janie's got a gunnnn... whole world's come undonnnnne... what did her daddy doooo? etc.

run away dear. coorg or something

Manojvasanth said...

Loved the verses :)

wendigo said...

lamer and lamer, ick. post anew!