October 28, 2007

kuchh to hua hai...

It’s official: I cannot stand theatre in Bangalore anymore! If Naseeruddin and Ratna Pathak Shah could not hold my attention for ninety minutes, then either something is terribly wrong with me or I have officially become a West End snoot, addicted to things I cannot afford. Either way, I’m unlikely to be seen at high-falutin theatre places here.
A word about the beautiful sarees the audience members wore to the play: thanks ladies, you made my day!

The boy has bought an iPod Touch and we’re playing with it! Very very nice! Here’s to jobs that fund toys!


karrvakarela said...

What were you watching with Naseer and Ratna?

By the way, your husband takes beautiful photographs.

Ink Spill said...

I was watching "Antigone" at the Rangshankara Theatre festival. You must go for the sudience ki saris if you get a chance.

The husband is a lazy ab-main-kya-boloon... for every good pic you see online there are 100 better ones that rot on the comp! grrr! will convey the compliment tho!

sajith said...

And the tickets are sold out weeks before the actual event. Oh the scarcity. (I was hopeful of the minis though. Them chickies don't show up anymore?)

Please convey displease to The Husband.

Ink Spill said...

I work next to the audi. Gimme details and commission and I'll get you tix!

And no minis, sorry saar! Only kaanjivarams!

sajith said...

There's a Hu^h^h Vodaphone outlet that sells tickets close to ma ho^h^h cave. I don't need no middleperson. Muahwahwa.

Last time there were minis though... which was couple of years back. All of them have now grown and graduated to kanjeevarams? Incredible.

Keya said...


Have you seen Dear Liar ? The cast is same. I really enjoyed it and was bowled over by their ability to give me a glimpse of a world so different by the sheer power of their performance. Mumbai theare has a very different crowd .. hardly any kanjeevarams :)