September 25, 2007


Saw Dard-e-Disco recently. No girls seemed to be throwing themselves at Shah Rukh’s temporarily tashan torso, but lots of water seemed to be emerging from unexpected quarters and flinging itself all over the guy in either some kind of crazy hydro love, or in a desperate attempt to give him a much-needed bath. Either way, am never going down dard-e-disco lane again.

This one is a much better performer. Presenting: Tying a turban in five steps and not quite succeeding.

1. Contemplate the task at hand.

2. Check to see if task is tasty.

3. Use minimum of three limbs for precision and control.

4. Check to see if audience is cheering.

5. Give up with a “someone throw me a bone here” look.

Pics by Saawariya, offkores


J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Great captioning.
But rhesus monks in London ... ?


Ink Spill said...

Lal Bagh, Bengalooru, Karnataka, India.

My address.

Well Heeled said...


Naresh said...

ha ha... the monkey has posed as if it was paid :P
amazing pics...

n yaa, i hate srk big time in tht video!

Sue said...

LOL! Very funny and you got them in such nice sequence!