September 11, 2007

Situation Vacant

This is from the application form of an aspiring scriptwriter. The candidate holds a Masters Degree in English and was the University Topper of her batch:

As a person, I am very much dedicated to my work, to say, over-dedicate. I always willing to work completely. I am a time-conscious person.

If you are in Bangalore, looking for a writing job, have a couple of years’ experience, and are willing to take a grueling test, write to me. The email ID’s in the profile. And if you are over-dedicate, shove it!


shub said...

No kidding!

wendigo said...

tsk, so cruel

Anonymous said...

How much you pay, men?


(I have some little experience in the writing department. I also have some little gramma, she's only 5'2".