November 14, 2006



Amma bhi Razzi.
Looking for Kazzi…

Am expecting to spend my life tagging along behind photographers in Lal Bagh. The one on the right is B, who owns the humongous lens that the boy on the left covets…

Taken with the boy’s camera, and therefore not accepting full blame for bad picture quality. That camera does not like me on either side of itself!


Hyde said...

Ok... that settles it. I am not going to Lal Bagh as long as you prey on unsuspecting people in the park.

Ink Spill said...

Hey Hyde!

Not preying on unsuspecting people re!
Left waala boy is also razzi!

Hyde said...

Uh-huh, but I could be one. :-O

Btw, picture quality isn't that bad.

manuscrypts said...

the curious incident of the boy with the handbag :)