November 23, 2006

Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai!

Thirty days to go. And here’s the wedding card we would have printed if we had our way:

Dear XYZ/Respected XYZ,

We are soon getting married, but do not get excited.
We like to keep things simple, so you’re not invited.
We saw you at a wedding kicking up a fuss
And we are not having the same done to us
You will “misread the route” and come hours late
And we’ll just wish you had misread the date
You will dress up all fine, and land up at the venue
And criticize the décor, the music and the menu
You will eat till the floor under your feet is shaken
And then clamber onstage and have your picture taken
You will get us a gift that we will never use
So you are not coming. Pliss to excuse!
Our parents, perhaps, if they love you a little more
Will have a box of laddoos delivered at your door.

Bride and Groom


Anonymous said...

I highly approve.

But I don't think you should tell anyone about your wedding, I think you should just say you're gonna live in sin.

Rash said...


wish I was as cool when I got married

Jade said...

"living in sin"
Lol! Such a quaint phrase.

Just Mohit said...

My next wedding, this is the card I'm gonna use! ;-)

The Smiling Girl said...

This ones a cool one!

Landed here from Desipundit! :)

Uncle XYZ said...

Hi Inkspill

Congratulations and best wishes for the new chapter of your life.
But its good that you are keeping it a low key affair and we don't have to take the trouble of dressing up and deliver a 'smiling uncle/aunt' performance.
Weddings are a boring affair for most of the guests and the time/money that go into them is such a waste.

and ah yes, tell your parents not to bother about the ladoos - both of us are diabetic.

Yours XYZ

Neo said...

This one is really gud.rolling on the floors laughin :D

Sachana said...

hey one of the bestest poem... i have ever read... rhyming is awesome... btw are u gettin married on Dec 24??

Anonymous said...

mast tha !!! maaja agaya... wish I could have done that but haaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! the Society we r leaving with

dharmu said...

too good!!! i guess i could use some of this.

but will add a line requesting for presents by cash ONLY.

Risha said...

came through Smiles to your post.
this is tooo goood. you are pretty creative. Will be a regular visitor here now. :) happy holidays

Harpreet said...

Telling you that I liked the way you write does not help you much except helping readers like me get another helping of your helpless but hopeful marriage stories.

In simple words, please keep writing.

Soma said...

ha ha ha ...this was fun

Mobi said...

Aaaah,, I'm using this one for mine. 10 years from now.