August 23, 2006

Newton Ki Billi


With Chanduppa, the baby camera, the temptation to just post pictures and not write is becoming too strong.
One anecdote, however, was brought back to my mind at the British Library today, when I took a picture of this sculpture of Newton in the courtyard.
When I was three or four, my grandfather used to tell me stories about Newton and his dedication to his work. I had no clue about who Newton was, and I think I called him Nutren, but I remember that he was a chap who, when his cat ruined a heap of his writing, sighed and put the cat aside and began writing again, without throwing a tantrum. Now the purpose of this story was to instil in me the virtue of patience and the ability to stay cool if my hard work is destroyed, but all I got out of it was this: One day I came home from school crying because someone had bullied me in class, and the teacher had not seen or done anything about it, because "she was busy reading and working like Nutren".
Education, however, has not given up and is still trying to make friends the right way with me. Which is one of the reasons why I was at the library. Nutren was busy as usual.


Anonymous said...

a small error there :)
not a cat ,but a dog!
love u, dear!

Ink Spill said...

It might have been Newton's dog, but in my mind Nutren definitely had a billi. It's just a nicer image. A dog would have starved in Nutren's care.

As for the love you dear, I am hoping you are either my mother or my grampa's ghost....

Intern said...

I used to visit this place regularly [though hardly ever left any comments] ... but now I'm revisiting after some time lag.

I simply love your style ... its peppy, witty, zesty ... very interesting, very entertaining. I'm sure you would make a great columnist/writer/ novelist ... whatever you look forward to ...
And plz dont stop writing ...ever!