August 08, 2006


And thereby comes to an end the best year of my life so far.
Twenty-seven sounds like just the right time to grow up.
Maybe I will, maybe I won't. We'll just have to wait another year to see.
Meanwhile, London is. And I am happy.

Miss you Ma.


neha vish said...

Heppy Burday Inkyji.

May you spill as delightfully as ever!

Kuntry Konfession said...

heard "life doesn't start til you're 30" what the hell have we been doing before that?
happy birthday-actually, thank your momma. it makes more sense!

shub said...

happy birthday :-)

Saltwater Blues said...

Happy birthday Inky! ... Shine on!

First Rain said...

Happy Birthday! Have many more "best" and "better yet" years.

Dreamcatcher said...

Happy Birthday.

Anonymous said...

i love u just the way u r!
miss u too, baby!
god bless u.

i second neha's wish, thanks neha!


Heretic said...

Happy birthday inky. Well done Ma! Hopefully both of you will have someone new to blame for all the happy events predicted by Babaji for this year. :-))

Avis said...

Happy birthday Inky. :)


Ink Spill said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes, folks!

Handful Of Hell said...

Happy Birthday :)

Ameet said...

Happy Birthday!!