July 30, 2006

Sabse Badey Ladaiyya Indeed

Na ghilaaf, na lihaaf
Thandi hawa bhi khilaaf

Gulzar is the new item number king!

Thumbs up to Vishal Bhardwaj's Omkara. Must take swearing classes just to be able to understand half the words! The irritating English subtitles were no help there…

Up next from Bhardwaj:
Hemlata, I say!!!

Now tell me, won't that be cool? Hemlata (Konkona?) with Zamindar father (Naseeruddin Shah?) and evil stepmother (Kirrrron Kher?) and ghost mom (Raakhee Raakhee) steady friend Harsha (Raima Sen?) and loose-limbed and weak loverboy (Zayed Khan-ish) in a village in Bengal and … ok ok…the rest is silence.

Weekend of fun is over! Back to ishtudy.

O ri rani, gudiya
Jag Ja!


wendigo said...

the rest is not silence, but belongs to me, fortinbras
(but who wears fourteen bras?)

Ink Spill said...

Mebbe you ca play Fortinbras in the movie re! Wave a sword and yell a bit in Bangla?

Perspective Inc. said...

LOL @ Hemlata

Sonia said...

i reallllly liked the movie! but i'm thinking i'm one of the few who did. love that song jag ja