July 02, 2006

The Matricide

Today I was buying detergent after a long long time, and I browsed through the choices leisurely. Suddenly, I remembered a little incident.

When I was about five or six, and every new titbit of knowledge was laden with excitement, some girl in school confided in us: "If you want to kill your mummy, just feed her a little detergent."
This home remedy did not go down well with the group. "Hawjee! What a bad girl. How can she talk about killing her mother?" was the content of the buzz that went around instantly.
My first thought was: "My mother isn't stupid enough to be fooled into eating detergent! It tastes odd!"

The head. It is screwed on wrong.


wendigo said...

boohoo, miss you already :(
you will too, once distracting elements are outta the way.

and welcome back to london, jijjajee...

Anonymous said...



Avis said...


sfk said...

They were talking about killing their moms and you think you're the one with the brain screwed on wrong?!

Anonymous said...

O CrAzY!!!!
I love your blog, it's interesting & well done! AWESOME layout and profile image as well, VERY COOL! :o)

shub said...

kidhar ho?