May 04, 2006

Vacation Log

Escaped from the tourist deluge for a bit and where else should I go but the Lake District, and specially to Ullswater, where Will Wordy spotted his precious daffydills. Can't really blame the man for his verbal diarrhoea anymore: he must have been constantly doped without opium (unlike his friend Sammy) just because of the sheer beauty of the place. Himalayan goats like us can never be overawed by firangi mountains, but Delhi-ites like us go into raptures at the sight of water bodies. And the English ability to not only maintain pristine beauty but to heavily capitalize on it makes the experience truly post-cardy.

Did not have a camera, so no pics. Was nice in a way, after multiple instances of shutter-crazy travel company. Am sure there's a middle path that the world is missing out completely.

Have also spent lotsa time with my baby niece, and have appropriated her chocolates and toys and brought them back with me. Have phantoms of nursery songs floating in my head, and the indelible picture of a three year old in pink pajamas doing wee-wee in the living room on her little blue throne, playing the guitar on a plastic racquet and singing "ay ay yippe yippe ay" in a cherubic voice. How adorable children are! And how grateful I am they are nowhere near me!


wendigo said...

talaq talaq talaq.
because you won't
1. write my essay for me
2. accompany me on my essay ethnography
3. just

Ink Spill said...

Kambakht! Bataoon lassi ko tere gandey iraadey? Biwi se essay likhwaana plagiarism hai!
Talaq to talaq sahi! Khabardar jo kabhi khichdi khaayi meri rasoi mein ab se!

Ameet said...

Where exactly is Ullswater, and how far from Londres?

Children are totally adorable - for about a day. Subsequently, they are best enjoyed through pictures.