May 24, 2006

Cannot Ishtudy

Words are dancing all over the pages
But not because I am like… drunk
And deep in sleep lie the personages
Thoughts of whom are being thunk


neha vish said...


sudha said...


why? god, why?

why doth all my fav. bloggers fall?

Ink Spill said...

Hey Sudha!

Fall in your esteem by writing syrupy nonsense?
Fall in your eyes by being in luuuuuuuuurve
Fall in your books by not ishtudying?
All of the above?

Essplain pls!


sudha said...


me dont have eyes, esteem or books..

just them (bloggers )falling into syrup.. :D

well, tis all perception, u see, me thinks it is a falling.... the faller thinks its not a falling ...and maybe someday the cynic in me will sleep and agree too :)

did enjoy the words, irrespective of the ewwwwww ..

wendigo said...

dear inky-on-the-defensive -
don't get emotional. get all out.
also, sweater pehen lo
and, best of luck, kal eggjam hai

and sudha -
please to be giving the bipolar disordered women a chance. i find they make the best bloggers, albeit in spurts (or squirts?). besides, inky here is usually quite consistent with the meaningful posts anyway.

wendigo said...

... and i thought this post was quite cute anyway. she's spewed worse.

Ink Spill said...

Shining Armour waali Knightie Wendigo, Marry Me?
The last time YOU were deep in sleep was when you were a foetus!

richtofen said...


sudha said...

wendigo, when i meant all my fav bloggers - all was jus two, u being one :)

am a XXXL large ick archive kaitan , aka fan.

wendigo said...

hmm.. now quite floored by your appreciation, sudha :*-)

Pooja said...

Funny, drunk you must be when you wrote this..I cant write the rest :P

Ink Spill said...

Hey Pooja,

Drink I don't for drunk I am without external help!

:) Welcome. Wendigo and I love TP and Lota!