January 17, 2006

More Trash

“Party leader Thorat requested the police to take suo motu action against Joshi as the victim has not yet lodged a complaint.”

What is suo motu? Taking fat people (no, you can’t say I’m being politically incorrect, I’m including myself in this category) to court?

Sis informs me it’s suo moto and suo moto means “of its own accord”. As if the police does anything of its own accord. Thorat hasn’t watched enough Hindi movies. They should dump the phrase suo moto. Unless Motorola wants to use it for a courtroom advert.


Anonymous said...

The glove joke was a poor one. Incase you know what feedback means, you should start writing better. Maybe, staying away from the home country is taking its toll. You dont make me laugh anymore; or even react.

Anonymous said...

Left another comment for you under the heading "Upset". Do read that.

Miss Sea said...

oye anonymous..

buzz off