January 29, 2006

Ae Saala!

Dhuan chhanta khula gagan mera
Nayi dagar naya safar mera
Jo ban sakey tu humsafar mera
Nazar mila zara!
Rubaru roshni, rubaru roshni hai

- Main Rang De Basanti Dekhna Chahti Hoon


Anonymous said...

i am always thinking of you. i can't concentrate on anything else. What should i do?

shub said...

my fave song from the movie :D
loved it :)

Avis said...

Watched it yet?

anonymous redux said...

dear anonymous,
try beer. lots of beer...

wendigo said...

anonymous the first, i would suggest a psychic probe, not to be confused with the anal version used at airports to look for crack in the crack. they're good at taking bothersome slices out of your cerebral cortex. the trouble is getting your hands on one.

(inky, if this is too gross for your blog, pliss to forgive. i am bored shitless in studio.)