June 07, 2011

Talkin' Trash

Our neighbourhood has lovely garbage disposal points within 50 metres of any gate, and ever so often there’s something that’s too big for the bin, like a sofa, that someone just HAS to get rid of and there’s nothing to be done except to leave the sofa next to the bin! Till the garbage crew comes along, passers by are welcome to sit on the sofa and enjoy the view of the bin, or to even carry it home with them if they need it! (Sofa, not bin. You Guys!!!)

When our landlord gallantly came over with a cart to take away all the unwanted stuff from the apartment’s storeroom, he left quite a few nice things, like a beautiful mirror, next to the garbage area. On our post-landlord-inspection victory walk that evening, we saw a rather nice lady pick up the mirror, examine it, and walk away with it. It was heartening to see that the mirror was not going to lie around waiting for the trash lorry, shatter due to the crazy river breeze in the meantime, and hurt someone.

It also made me bold enough to prod about in collections of stuff people leave there. Once someone left a darling green ceramic pot that was crying out to be taken home and have a plant installed in, but the husband looked at me with a look that I don’t fancy being looked at with, and I put the pot back. And did what any sensible woman would do. I went alone the next time. But the pot was gone. Never mind.

Meanwhile, my oh-so-white and proper kitchen had been looking like a mess because of all the oil and spice bottles I want at hand while cooking, and with no way to keep them neatly, I’ve been arranging them the way I have arranged my whole life… in a mess mostly. But a visit to the garbage bin has changed everything! Some kind soul cleared his or her storeroom and threw away a drawer-separator that had obviously been purchased but never used. After a minute’s hesitation, I picked it up and triumphantly brought it home. The husband initially suffered a combined attack of shock and disgust, but was so amazed at what I did with it, that this post is being made on his special request!

P.S.: I think I'll paint it white

P.P.S.: I was warned I’d become a junkie in Amsterdam, and seems like it’s happening.

P.P.P.S.: Of course I cleaned it. You Guys!!!


zilch22 said...

hehe that's quite a common thing here too, leaving furniture and other stuff on the sidewalk to be collected by the trash guys. currently there's an old tv sitting outside our house that nobody wants. i love what you did with the drawer separator, very unique!!! :)

dipali said...

It's lovely!
And of course, when in Rome/Amsterdam.........

Sanjana said...


Way to go! :D

Over here, we have a number we can call to get rid of bulky stuff. they come and collect it for free.
When they came to my house to get rid of my old sofa, the guy wanted to take my brand new bean bag with him! :P

Btw.. interesting picture you've got framed. Is that a photo or a painting?

Ink Spill said...

Hey Sanjana,

It's a standard ikea pic, came with the house. The only ornamentation the place has, and I'm glad for it!

Sanjana said...

it's quite lovely! :)

Sanjana said...

very nice! :o)