June 14, 2011


Yesterday the last long weekend before Christmas came to an end (for the husband of course; my life is the longest weekend in the universe as of now). We spent the cloudy afternoon enjoying the curtailed train services, browsing through a sports goods store for cheap shoes, and finally buying an extra set of bed linen from Ikea.

As we walked back from Ikea with our precious cargo (the store started out as Wonderland for me, and now sucks happiness out of every pore of my large surface area body for some reason), we saw a sea… no… an ocean of humanity spill out towards the ArenA station. Old elderly white-haired couples hand in hand….roughly 34,000 of them, Wikipedia tells me, were exiting the ArenA after a concert. Many of them were aiming for the same train as we were, and after fortifying ourselves with a sandwich and lemonade (how quaint!) we got to the platform.

People “crowded” the platform in three lines parallel to the train tracks, they barely whispered as the train rumbled in, “jostled” in neat queues to get in first, 60-year-olds gallantly gave up their seats to 80-year-olds, and by the time the doors closed, hardly anyone was standing! We tried to entertain the venerable music lovers with a pole dance, of course, but nobody seemed interested.

I hope never to lose the feeling of joyful wonder at how well-behaved people can be. And how lovely Dutch trains are!

P.S. Stopped by at Pathe to pick up tickets for Kung Fu Panda 2 in IMAX 3D for next weekend! My first IMAX! Der aaye, durust aaye!


Sanjana said...

Kung fu Panda rocccks! Lovvved it! :D

And yes, isn't it a pity to see how civilized the rest of the world is?

It's cos of lack of population really.
In India, it's the survival of the fittest. It's a battle everyday!

Ink Spill said...

The lack of population is by choice, really, and nothing's stopping India from getting their numbers under control for the greater good, but that's just something that gets me gaalis so I'm not going there!

Sanjana said...

very true!
And yeah... when I tell my mom that I don't think I wanna have kids, she looks at me like I've gone crazy!

And the number of couples I know who are constantly asked whether they've "gone to the OB-GYN" to check if "everything is ok" just cos they choose to not have kids within 2 yrs of being married is just not funny!

And when I talk about the problems we have as a country, people call me unpatriotic.


Rash said...

Oh God aur maine do bachche bhi paida kar diye. *Hiding from view*