March 17, 2010


I had a very busy fortnight: travelling east, then north, attending Bengali engagements and weddings, restoring a temporarily re-bachelorised home to normalcy, and whatnot. So please forgive the absence!

A couple of days ago, we were in an electronics shop, and an IT dude with a backpack walked in and asked the salesperson a very crisp and very pertinent question: "How big a flat LCD TV can you give me for under a lakh?" He was probably just shy of 30, was obviously coming in straight from work, and you could SEE a thought bubble over his head: "What the EFF am I earning all this money for if I can't even watch the IPL on a big fat TV when I come home after a hard day's work? My parents will marry me off soon enough, and forget TVs, I won't even get to see the remote ever again after that!"


Sowmya said...

more like 'porn in plasma' or so i think. :-)

been reading your blog for a while. that is why you feel more familiar to me than I will to you. sorry!

shub said...

So you got a beeeg LCD tv as dahej? :D