May 09, 2009

Maike Se Aike Post

Mom: (something horrible about me, in the way only mothers can do it)

Inky: Did I come across the seven seas to hear this????

Mom: What seven seas does one cross between Bangalore and Delhi???

Inky: Why? Krishna Sagar, Shanthi Sagar, Sandhya Sagar, Upahar Sagar….




Silence said...

hee heee..... why do all mother-daughter conversation sound the same?

Btw, your word verification word is 'predom' - is that a south Indian way of saying Freedom !!!

Anonymous said...

ROFL ROFL ROFL ..... :-)

shesturningblue said...


Mobi said...

He He... Nice one.. Still only 4?

inkspill said...

Arrey bhai Mobi: Shiv Sagar, Udupi Sagar, Sree Sagar..... Happy??? :-)

Anonymous said...

awesome !!! - Arv