September 28, 2008


Since nobody else is updating this blog, I'll just have to do it myself, won't I? Huh!

With the new long working hours, I feel like a machine. All my waking hours at home are occupied by non-voluntary activities, and that makes me mad. Never ever have I sat in one place for as long as people expected me to. I like to think I work faster than most, and can finish most exams in half the time allotted for them. I also rarely have problems meeting deadlines, so I think I deserve and extra star, or atleast the flexibility of leaving when I am done. The school teachers who did not let me leave after I finished my paper were plagued with the crashing sound of my sketch-pen-castle collapsing in a silent exam hall, or elaborate drawings on the question paper, which they had to scan for "cheating" material embedded into the artwork. I am still thinking about how I can make an entire office miserable so that they'll let me go home. It's tough.


Anonymous said...

Merely showing up works for me.

Anonymous said...

Wait till they put you in charge of a unit. If there is anything worse that being an efficient unsung drone, it is being an efficient once-drone, suffering incompetence. You will be twiddling your thumbs after lunchtime, and still be the last to leave - after you have cleaned up the last idiot's screw-up.

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It is called the nlomeliness of command, btw.