February 22, 2007


Is the name of this quick and dirty recipe for when a daal-paalak and rice dinner for two needs to turn into a meal for three:

- Heat one and a half teaspoon oil in a kadhai.
- Throw in half a fistful of raw moongphalis.
- Let Fry.
- Add a medium sized chopped onion.
- Let Fry.
- Add a finely chopped quarter of a cabbage and half a capsicum.
- Let Fry.
- Add Salt and Pepper.
- Let Fry till Dry
- Add two slit green chillies somewhere along the way.
- Cook till, well, cooked
- Serve

- And oh, remove slit green chilli from husband’s spoon one millisecond before it makes its way into him…


shub said...

Inter and Intranational integration or wot?! Delhi born, London returned cooking Korean food in Bengalooru?!

wendigo said...

this dal palak thing sounds familiar...

Suman said...
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Anonymous said...

Grin. No 'splash liberally with balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil'?


Parmanu said...

Coming here after a long time. Congratulations!

Interesting to see the transformation after the wedding.