September 18, 2006

Not Officially Back To Blogging

That menacing electronic contraption they have for attracting and electrocuting flies? I want one for my thoughts.
Fzzzzzzzzzzzzt: Fear
Prrrrrrt Prrrrrrt: Guilt
Phsssssssssst: Anger

P.S.: If they put me in Eden, I’d sit around all day complaining the apples were out of bounds. Ungrateful wretch!


Nemo said...

what's on dudette? i charge no money.

wendigo said...

@inky: she means, she doesn't charge money to lend shoulder/ear. baaki sab parts ke liye she may well do

@stinky: inky is basically heart&spirit-broken for having had to leave london and me (mostly me)

what would you guys do without me to mediate?

the Monk said...

Me too.