September 26, 2006

Bangalore 101

1. Idlis have the magical property of disappearing from your tummy an hour after you have eaten them. Two idlis do not a breakfast make. Supplement with something.

2. The speed of walking on the rugged terrain of the main road pavement is considerably enhanced by wearing flat shoes instead of heals, so factor this in if you are planning to avoid being the first one in office (loser!)

3. Apparently, if you want to wear jasmine in your hair in the morning, you need to buy it the night before, when people are actually selling it, and not in the morning, when your best shot is yanking some off the head of a lady running to catch a bus.

4. Paying five extra bucks for breakfast to have it sitting down is not a bad deal, since no enthu kid comes and wipes the drop of sambhar off your table seven nanoseconds after you spill it, making you feel guilty for existing. Also, you catch interesting conversation, and do not look odd as the only woman in a herd of men having stand-up breakfast.

5. All the food is vegetarian and cheap. 25 pence each for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Awesome!

6. The autorickshaws are not half as mean as the Delhi ones, and it is quite appropriate to stick your tongue out at Bangaloreans who claim that they have terrible traffic jams each morning. They should try being in a vehicle on the Strand, or on Waterloo Bridge!


Avis said...

Enjoyed thoroughly :)

So does this finally mark your comeback??

Heretic said...

Homecoming perhaps?
Will be in your adopted town then.

Anonymous said...

Awwww.... you are falling in love!!!!


shub said...


don't forget to try the uddin vade dunked in a bowlful of heavenly sambar from any of the darshinis if you haven't already.

Kahini said...


Been to Blossom yet? And Landmark?

Ink Spill said...

Kahini: I joined work the day after I landed, so no ghoomna ghaamna yet...Still trying to get used to the idea of early to bed and early to rise, and nine hours of bum-on-seat. Been to Landmark and Blossom last time, pati lives there.

Rash said...

ummm...try the traffic jams for a while. then we'll talk