December 18, 2005

First Trimester

Completing three months in the UK today. Not the least bit homesick, thanks to Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk, which ensure I know on a day-to-day basis what the latest topic of war between my parents is. And thanks to Neha, I even know where to find vegetarian Indian food now.

Neha expressly asked for a post with a link to her blog as a cheap publicity stunt, so here it is. By the way, being with her is like being in the same kitchen as a microwave that has ten popcorn bags put into it at the same time. There is a lot of popping, you are pretty confident the bags will burst, almost sure the microwave will burst, and very afraid that you will sustain permanent injuries like death. (Now she’s got her moment of fame on this obscure blog, and much more than what she bargained for.)

It’s amazing that I’m able to type this, since I am pretty sure all my fingers froze and dropped off my hands on Hungerford Bridge last night when I pulled my hand out of the glove to receive a call. If it’s going to get any colder, I’m getting my fingers plated in titanium bakelite (concerned readers inform me that this works better. Wonder if they've tried).

Spending the three-month anniversary in sweatpants and sweatshirt reading for my essay. Having completed my first trimester means that aborting the MSc mission is no longer a possibility, and the good part is that the morning sickness is disappearing and I am seeing some teeny weeny sense in what I am doing. Next month, I’ll do some proper stuff to mark the momentous occasion.


Hyde said...

Congratulations. Jolly good show.

First Rain said...

Congrats for surviving the trimester!

Lol @neha! She has those... eyes ... though now her blog sports a less ominous picture.

Avis said...

Bakelite is indeed a much poorer conductor of heat than titanium and hence will better suit the aforementioned purpose.

PS: Why are the word verification words getting more and more complex with every comment that I leave on your blog??? An immense strain on my little brain to figure these out. 'qcooaaew' to you too.

neha vish said...

:D Cheap publicity stunt works! (Very excited - Must find other starving Desi students in London to feed and get linked by... Hhmmm!)

Waise.. You still not full that day or what - there is a lot of subtext I can read into when you go yapping about the popcorn!

david raphael israel said...

I somewhat fear for the English language. In your hands, the wit quotient seems excessive. Normal moderation of wit is practiced in most quarters; one assumes there's a reason for this (one is unsure). Perhaps you comprise an experiment in concerted verbal intensity. Or mayhap my afternoon being too wistful, the thus-prone mind is overstruck by the panache punch. Either way, it lands an impression.
Godspeed w/ the MSc.