August 10, 2005


A big thanks to all bloggers who wished me luck!
Thanks Joker, Colours, Aditi, JW, Pleo, Patrix, Kahini, Patrix, First Rain, Kaju Katli, Halequin, Shoe Fiend, HoH, Ash, Rash, Parna, CoolCat, KK, Ostrich, Jasmine for leaving wishes.
Thanks Godpapa, Deepak and Chugs for the mails.
Thanks Heretic for the call.

I'm going senile, so if I missed someone out, it's not intentional.


Joker said...

i have posted on how you can thank me GRIN

Rash said...

welcome :)

Pleomorphous said...

Hain??? Patrix ke liye do-do thanks?

Best of luck.

All the best.

Best of luck.

All the best.

Ab char thanks do!